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The Karakoram Highwa...

As much as the beauty is set to marvel you with never-ending display of beautiful sceneries like that of Mansehra, Thakot and especially Gilgit-Baltistan, the road is, in fact, one chilling jeep drive in the world, with its twisted paths, narrow corners and probably “I’m going to die now” moments. At some areas, no two jeeps can ride side by side, thus one must really understand the roads well to be able to meander through these narrow paths. Hire a driver for this one, and make sure there are spare tires. Don’t forget your refreshments too!

Sources say that during the 27-year construction period which began in 1959, 810 Pakistani and 200 Chinese workers lost their lives due to landslides and falls while building this highest paved international highway in the world.

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